Kiss Livestreaming Limitations Goodbye

What’s better than Zoom? Zoom with free benefits!

Create an immersive and tailored livestream experience with these powerful complimentary perks!

  • Register and sell tickets to your livestreams
  • Leverage customizable agendas
  • Experience real-time comments
  • Deliver surveys or quizzes
  • Offer interruption-free shopping

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You're in Control
You're In Control

Event Registration & Management

Make it count, make it confident, make it memorable. Create a visually dynamic website to advertise, sell and generate interest leading to your events with zEvents. All it takes to get started is a few simple keystrokes.

  • Multi-lingual: Support your global audience
  • Pique Curiosity: Host Promotional & Recap Videos
  • Who, What, When, Where: Robust reporting at your fingertips to tell you everything
  • Cha-ching: Sell Your Tickets
  • Welcome To The Event: Manage Your Physical and Virtual Attendees

Stay Connected

Unparalleled Livestreaming

Kiss streaming limitations goodbye! Create an immersive experience where every audience member is seated in the front row with their friends and family. They’ll connect, chat, and shop without missing a single moment.

  • Say What? Keep your audience engaged throughout your event with live chat groups between teams and company moderators. Stir excitement, provide clarity and encourage engagement.
  • I want that! Maximize time spent consuming your content and buying your merchandise - all without navigating away from your main show
  • What Do You Think? Hear reactions to your event through powerful surveys within the livestream experience.

Unparalleled Livestreaming
You're in Control
Reaching Everyone

Transform Your Content

Weave your event content into your daily interactions with our robust learning management system. Extend inspiration from event to event by sharing, selling, and celebrating your content with each of your audience members.

  • Convert Emotion To Action: Deliver a daily dose of wisdom from your leaders to inspire action and follow through, no matter where they are in the journey.
  • Onboard Faster: Have a new member? Great! Give your new initiate a taste of your last event to encourage them to attend the next event
  • Upsell: Get the most from your content. Redefine from one-time to continuously accessible through individual videos, courses, and quizzes. Your material can stand independently or complement other content in a comprehensive learning management system.

You're in Control

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